April, 2018

SAM at FreezerBurn 2018

SAM is getting some upgrades for 2018. We recently applied for an art grant from the Ignition Philter arts grant organization and we got notification that we were accepted. The grant is going towards upgrading the lighting system in the robot head and should be completed by Burning Flipside this year.

We are also in the process of rebuilding a substantial portion of SAM for Burning Man 2018. This year’s Burning Man theme “I, Robot” was just too good to pass up. And we’ve put in an application for a mutant vehicle licence so that we can bring SAM back to the playa this year.

We will be camping with The Temple of Uni-tea as we did at Burning Man in 2016.

Thank you to Raul Pineda who drew up these new designs for this year’s BM. Our mutant vehicle concept is that “SAM is an ITO (Initial Tea Offering) robot on a cloud enabled platform offering TASS (Tea as a Service) to the Burning Man Community.”

SAM side profile design

SAM front profile design

SAM at Flipside

Flipside 2016

Robot art car at Art Outside 2015

The robot art car at Art Outside 2015. Friday before the rain.

Our robot art car was built at the Austin/Round Rock TechShop in late May, 2014. It made its debut at Burning Flipside on May 22, 2014.

The robot art car generates a lot of interest from people. People are really attracted to the LED changing colors and we get a lot of questions on how it was built and what was our inspiration. It’s a three wheeled modified electric golf cart as the base. Most of the body structure is recycled parts which include an old back yard gazebo, a wheel chair cover for a face and old radio tower trusses that make up the legs and arms. We used reflective silver roll insulation material behind the legs and arms. And on top of that we placed our LED strips so that the color gradients really shine when the colors change.

The robot face has neo-pixel eyes. The LED color changing rings for eyes make the face more expressive. SAM also has an infinity mirror heart box that sits inside the chest of the robot body. The heart shape was 3d printed and the infinity mirror is lined with LED strip that also color changes. The infinity mirror gives the illusion that the image of the heart goes on forever. The neo pixel eyes and the heart are synched so those patterns color change at the same time.



See more LED color patterns…

Here is some video of the robot art car when it was parked near Lava Lounge (Music is coming from the theme camps around the robot):

Robot Art Car

Side view of Robot Art Car at night Flipside 2014.

Robot Art Car

Robot Art Car at Flipside May, 2014. Front view night.

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