Robot Art Car Build Day 3

Robot Art Car Build Day 3

Yesterday was a very busy day at the Tech Shop. We wanted to get 4 to 5 hours work of done and try to quit early since we had tickets to see an EDM show at the Kingdom. So our plan was to stop work at the Tech Shop by 6. We made it very close to our goal.

We started out by finishing drilling holes into the wooden golf cart back benches and the metal tabs connected to the metal cage frame that will be the robot body. It’s super convenient having the Lowe’s be right next door to Tech Shop. We needed many new bolts and nuts and we could easily walk over to Lowe’s and buy some. Downtime from fabrication was only 15 minutes or so.

With that done we started mocking placement of the robot arms and legs to get a better idea of how the front hood panel we have to build will work. We also took a look at various plumbing and electrical hardware pieces that Lowe’s carries that might help us make the robot look more interesting.

We finished the day by spray painting the metal body frame in black and stripping the weathered urethane paint on the back benches. The back benches got a new coat of protective finish.

This project is coming along nicely. I just wish we had started sooner. Three days to launch and there is still so much more to do.

New pictures from another crappy camera. We need a new camera!

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