Robot Art Car Build Day 4

Robot Art Car Build Day 4

We were pretty tired when we got to the Tech Shop and 1PM but we still got a lot done by 11:30 when we called it a day. Tom installed the back bench metal panels which had dried from being painted. He also reinstalled the arm rests we used to have so that passengers riding in the back to not try to use the metal panels as a back rest.

He then installed a cross piece at the very back connecting the two side panels for more stability. He created a new cross piece to go right behind the driver’s bench that also connected the two metal side panels. This not only provides more stability to the metal cage frame, it also serves to hold up the roof above the driver’s bench.

I cut coroplast panels that will fit all the areas of the back cage. There will be gaps so that passengers in the back benches can see out and get a flow of air.

Tom and I then figured out where we should mount the arms and he took two of the truss pieces and cut them enough to make what will be an elbow that will be attached to the roof piece.

I also etched a new “Mutant Garage” sign for his licence plate area. This will be back lit so that it will glow nicely at night.

Two more days to launch.

Pictures from the build last night:

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