Sona Astro Mechi Rebuild

Sona Astro Mechi Rebuild

SAM is getting some upgrades for 2018. We recently applied for an art grant from the Ignition Philter arts grant organization and we got notification that we were accepted. The grant is going towards upgrading the lighting system in the robot head and should be completed by Burning Flipside this year.

We are also in the process of rebuilding a substantial portion of SAM for Burning Man 2018. This year’s Burning Man theme “I, Robot” was just too good to pass up. And we’ve put in an application for a mutant vehicle licence so that we can bring SAM back to the playa this year.

Thank you to Raul Pineda who drew up these new designs for this year’s BM. Our mutant vehicle concept is that “SAM is an ITO (Initial Tea Offering) robot on a cloud enabled platform offering TASS (Tea as a Service) to the Burning Man Community.”

SAM side profile design

SAM front profile design

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