Robot Art Car Build Day 1

Robot Art Car Build Day 1

We spent a few more hours at the Tech Shop last night finishing welds on the trailer ramp and mocking up the design for the Robot Art Car. We got some good ideas from seeing the truss material that we are going to use for legs and arms and how we might mount that to the metal frame.

The back end of the golf cart is going to be a cage body that we’re planning on covering with coroplast material. The metal is recycled metal from an old gazebo that’s been sitting in our yard for many years. The truss was from a radio tower that we got as a gift many years ago as well.

We used some of these same materials in the Airship Austuria so it’s fun to see them get reused again. This robot art car is like a transformer too. Kicking around a new name for this transformed version and I think Austuria Escaflowne is sounding better and better. The Airship Austuria came from the anime The Vision of Escaflowne. Escaflowne was the mecha that Van pilots.

Below are some pics from last’s nights work session.


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