Robot Art Car Build Day 2

Robot Art Car Build Day 2

Friday afternoon was rather hectic and we got a later start than we wanted. Tom wanted to paint the trailer ramp in the driveway before we headed out to the Tech Shop. He painted the ramp white so it would be more visible as we traveled. The paint is a very good anti-rust and outdoor paint but it needed to be applied by brush since the extruded metal frame is so open. That took several hours.

Finally got on the road about 3, stopped to eat and then got to the Tech Shop around 4 PM. Once we set up our materials we began several parts of the project. The first part was to cut off the bottoms of the panels on the band saw. Then sand the panels down with a wire brush sander and then grind them some more so they could be welded. We made a trip to Lowe’s to get the metal tabs and some powder coating material. We may have time to powder coat the back frame.

I also sanded two pallets that will be used as a shower for CampCamp with a belt sander.

Tom’s camera stopped working for no apparent reason. It’s not the battery. I’ll try to get the pictures off the chip later. For the rest of the night I only had my iPod camera which does not take very good pics.

Tom got all the panels welded on the metal tabs and installed on the golf cart temporarily. On Saturday we plan on making a bigger push to finish the back section.


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